Network Security

Unsecure networks hurt businesses of all sizes.

Small and medium-sized companies need a secure network now more than ever. Failing to do this leaves your business vulnerable to debilitating attacks from hackers, spyware and numerous other threats. You might also run afoul of compliance regulations that you are required by the government to follow. RCS Technology of Michigan LLC is here to provide you with a safe and secure network.

Network Security Solutions from RCS Technology of Michigan will give you:

  • Reporting - you’ll receive regular reporting that monitors Internet usage by your employees
  • Firewall Protection - our strong firewall will keep viruses and intruders from harming your company
  • Content blocking - employees will be unable to access harmful or unsafe sites
  • obility - our solutions work on Wi-Fi or 4G enable devices
  • Budget relief - our network security is available for a flat monthly fee that includes preventative maintenance, virus and spyware updates and patching

Network Security from RCS Technology of Michigan LLC protects your business inside and out. We are able to remove malware, spyware and viruses before they infect your network, and can report on where users of your system spend their time when online.

A safe network is a strong network.

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