HIPAA Compliance In IT

Meet health care regulatory mandate

As a healthcare provider, it is crucial that you protect your patients’ data and confidential information. But with today’s increasingly complex HIPAA rules and regulations, staying compliant is easier said than done. This is where RCS Technology of Michigan can help.

We offer full services to help you address HIPAA compliance security standards and make sure you remain compliant.

HIPAA services from RCS Technology of Michigan give you:

  • Thorough risk assessment and threat analysis
  • Protection of electronic health information
  • HIPAA security training and employee compliance testing
  • Security recommendations
  • Compliance reports with test dates and scores
  • Renewal of policies and procedures for complete compliance
  • Tracking tools for CD/DVD/USB drives with patient information
  • HIPAA compliance portal, giving you access to disaster plans and security incident responses
  • Financial protection from breach expenses and violation fines
  • Full support from our team of dedicated experts

We set up everything you need to improve your security, remain compliant and wave goodbye to costly fines.

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